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November 12th, 2020 – New turbo exhaust pump

A more efficient and less energy consuming turbo-pump on the market!

We have recently upgraded our turbo exhaust pump to meet the specifications of DIN 14426.

This standard allows, for example, the transfer of liquids from one place to another, the emptying of flooded cellars, the dewatering of pits, foundation shafts or cisterns. In concrete terms, this means that the cellar of a 100 m² house would be emptied in 2 hours! Not bad, right?

The system is very simple: the impellers of the hydraulic turbine and the pump are mounted on the same shaft rotating in a ball bearing. Pressurised water sypplies the turbine and causes the shaft to rotate at high speed, supplying the pump. The clean water can be recovered by return to the tank while the waste water is drained and discharged outside the area to be dewatered.

The turbine and pump circuits are completely independent of each other.

Several modifications have been made, always with the aim of improving our standard product and meeting the needs of our customers:

– The driving part has a DN65 inlet instead of the standard DN40 inlet, allowing it to have a better performance, a better efficiency and consequently, to be less energy consuming.

– The internal hydraulic part has been optimised, resulting in an increase in the flow rate of water sucked in through a DN65 outlet instead of the standard DN40 outlet.

– The water inlet has been improved in order to reduce the remaining water height to be sucked in.

The water tests carried out on the new turbo-pump showed an increase in performance compared to the standard pump but also compared to the specifications of DIN 14426. Certification of the product by the Polish organisation CNBOP is planned for the 2nd half of 2020. It is therefore a matter to be followed…

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